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"My experience at the GQ Hair Studio Academy was amazing. I learned a lot of new skills that I had never tried and it definitely improved my skills as a hairstylist. Understanding fades and clipper work has inspired me to branch out to create new and trendy looks on my male clients. Francis was a very helpful and knowledgeable instructor and the setup up of the day was relaxed, easy going, while at the same time very well structured and extremely informative. For me having it as hands on as it was, is the only way to learn. I definitely took a lot away from the class and would recommend it to anyone of my colleagues."

"This is a great class for a beginner in the industry, like myself, or for someone looking to gain more knowledge from the pros. Some of the basics I learned in the class were how to distinguish different cuts (ex fade vs taper), how to properly set up and clean barbering equipment and a step by step on how to complete a standard fade. It was clear Francis had a lot of experience in the business and had been working on his technique for years. I was shown tips and tricks that he had learned over time during his career. Everyone was very friendly and helpful; it was overall a great experience!"