The Best Pomade For Men's Hair

Our barbers have years of experience and tried hundreds of different products. The one common thing that most of the products have, is harmful toxins, preservatives, and chemicals that dry out hair, as well as damage the scalp. Some products thin out the hair and help speed up balding.

For this reason, our #1 choice for pomade is 100% organically made CZAR ( The pomade is enriched with Shea Butter, Almond Butter, Coconut Oil, and other organic ingredients that are actually very good to use on daily basis, regardless if you need your hair styled or not.

GQ Hair Studio teamed up with an Essential Oils Expert, conducted extensive research, tested out samples for a year, collected customer feedback, and altered/tweaked the formula to get the perfect medium hold CZAR Pomade.

This pomade is used daily on our customers and they love it!
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