It has been a crazy year since we opened GQ Hair Studio in May 2015. We are so blessed with the love and support we received from our friends, family and clients. We learned a lot, but most of all we grew a lot.  It is time to close the GQ Hair Studio chapter in order to grow and move on to bigger and better things. Many people love the name GQ and say "but why...its a good name?" There are many reasons why we decided to rebrand, but the main reason is this...

You set a goal and have a clear vision...then you do everything in between to get there.



Custom Made Barber Capes

We consistently update our style and set new industry standards. We would like to introduce to you our new military look for this season with custom made barber capes! Hand-made couture capes are designed and made by very talented Karen and JC! 

To get your custom made capes you can contact


One Year Anniversary

Our team Celebrated One Year Anniversary! In the last year we grew our clients by about 1200% and our Instagram grew by 15,000 followers. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for recognizing our talent, hard work, and supporting our movement.

Our goal is to consistently set new high standards to the barbering industry and we will continue to give our 100%! 

Fade Artistry Class

We had such a great time teaching students from no experience to 25+ years of experience on how to Fade!

The most successful people are the ones that never stop learning new skills!

Great job Lea, Liz and Jherry!

What is best for my hair?

 We have been styling our hair with products for thousands of years. Wikipedia tells us that fat based gels, have been found on mummies. Over time we were able to improve on the styling products, but we as consumers are still faced with a plethora of options when trying to decide what's best for my hair? 

   Two of the most common products widely available to the modern man are gel and pomade. There are some key differences and advantages between the two, however neither one is necessarily better or worse. 

   Gel is probably the cheapest and easiest thing to use since it's designed to do just one thing; hold. The modern man has only a small window of opportunity once applied to work with his hair until the gel dries up, locking everything in place and preventing further adjustments. This is great news for those with very short hair styles like the spike up but take note; if the modern man's woman should run her hand through his hair she would be welcomed with a handful of unpleasant sticky white flakes ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º). All things said gel is also the easiest hair product to wash out (unless you're using something like gorilla snot.) 

   Alternatively a versatile option is pomade. Available in a variety of different based waxes and oils, pomade is ideal for almost all hair types because it offers the freedom for the modern man to continually restructure his hair all day, create texture. Also, a good pomade never flake. By applying it to wet hair more product will be required, the finish will have more shine, but ultimately will have less hold. Conversely, applying pomade to dry hair will require much less product and will produce a less shiny finish. Pomade's fortifying property tends to stiffen hair and allow for sculptured hairstyles like pompadours and quiffs, while long lasting moisturizing properties are ideal for Afro-textured hair. Pomade is a lot more time consuming to completely wash out and may still leave behind residual product, however this is actually desired since it helps give the soft clean hair some form and enables shape sculpting after a shower, which is useful for the modern man with longer flow who need hair away from their face. 

At the end of the day, our personal preference is pomade because it allows us to mold hair in several different ways using the same product, just by adjusting how much we apply or whether or not we use a blow dryer. Keep in mind that a brand of pomade can look, smell or feel completely different than another and that pomade can come in a variety of different holds. Visit us at GQ Hair Studio for your next cut and have any one of our friendly barbers explore any further questions you may have when trying to decide, what's best for my hair

By: Allen Butterfade
Instagram: @butterfadevllen


Alternative to Fades

If you are more on the conservative side and find a fade too much over the edge, the best alternative is a Taper Cut! This is a low subtle fade that eases into the darker blend. It retains a beautiful structure while enabling you to achieve the faded look without having to take down too much hair.

So next time you visit your barber, ask for a "Taper cut"!

Article by: Rocky Alexander (Instagram: @rockyalexvnder)

The Best Pomade For Men's Hair

Our barbers have years of experience and tried hundreds of different products. The one common thing that most of the products have, is harmful toxins, preservatives, and chemicals that dry out hair, as well as damage the scalp. Some products thin out the hair and help speed up balding.

For this reason, our #1 choice for pomade is 100% organically made CZAR ( The pomade is enriched with Shea Butter, Almond Butter, Coconut Oil, and other organic ingredients that are actually very good to use on daily basis, regardless if you need your hair styled or not.

GQ Hair Studio teamed up with an Essential Oils Expert, conducted extensive research, tested out samples for a year, collected customer feedback, and altered/tweaked the formula to get the perfect medium hold CZAR Pomade.

This pomade is used daily on our customers and they love it!
Instagram: @CZAR_grooming


Charity Work

We consistently do our best to get involved with our community, as well as get involved with various charities such as Humane Society, Connect4Life and UNICEF.

Today, a chunk of our profits was donated to UNICEF Children of Syria Crisis. As our business grows, our goal is to eventually help #FeedtheWorld


We had the pleasure to guest LD West Pop Up Shop at GQ Hair Studio! LD West owners JR and Julian have a long history of rising together with GQ Hair Studio. The old GQ Hair Studio location was one of the first barbershops to support LD West when they first started. Moreover, JR and Julian supported GQ Hair Studio since it first opened its doors.



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